1031 Calculator

Know the Basics

Instead of immediately paying capital gains on the sale of a property (the “down leg”), many investors prefer to defer that payment by purchasing a new property (the “up leg”) with the proceeds. This is commonly referred to as a 1031 exchange, in reference to the section of U.S. tax code that defines it. There are specific rules and timelines related to a 1031 exchange, and it is important to have an experienced and knowledgeable specialist handling the process.

Is an Exchange Right for You?

While a 1031 exchange is the right decision for many investors, there are many rules and deadlines associated with it, and it’s important to work with experienced agents. Our highly trained agents bring years of expertise to every transaction, helping you execute your 1031 exchange flawlessly.

A 1031 Exchange is not an “all or nothing” proposition. A seller of property may choose to pay taxes, find their own real estate and/or use a DST in a combination they choose.

1031 Exchange Calculator

The proceeds from the sale of an investment property are subject to a combination of state and federal capital gains taxes, Medicare tax, as well as the tax on the recapture of depreciation and other fees. This calculator is a guide to estimate your potential capital gains tax obligations and weigh your options for reinvestment. Please consult with your tax and legal advisors prior to entering into an exchange.

Calculate Net Adjusted Basis Please enter the original purchase price for the property along with any capital improvements or depreciation taken.

Calculate Capital Gain Please enter the sales price along with closing costs and any loan balance you have on the property.

Calculate Total Gains Taxes Due Please select or enter your federal, state, and medicare tax rates

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Exchange or Pay Your Taxes?

Sell and Execute a 1031 Exchange

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Sell and Pay Your Taxes

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